Digital Skills Diagnostic Tool

Assess your digital ability by using the diagnostic questionnaire tool. 

Skills Assessment tool

The Diagnostic Tool provides the ability for planners to self-assess in a wide variety of tools which can be used across the workplace. The data provided is not related to any user as there is no request for personal information.

The questions set out to understand where skills are available in the workplace and when the tools are not available to be used. By collating this data, there is the opportunity to analyse what skills are available and not being utilised and focus on how this can be supported.

At the end of each section users will be provided with a summary of answers and a drop-down arrow on each section. This will allow the user to further explore new innovations in these areas and identify where additional training or case studies can be sought to further enhance skills and knowledge.

Each section will commence with a question relating to your workplace location. This allows the site to understand the geographical location of users. It is important that “Your Location” relate to the country which you are employed within and not for users who reside in Scotland but work out with.