Case Management

The Scottish Planning system is by necessity regulatory due to legislative requirements but also the need to ensure environmental and social protection/equity. Accordingly, it is the case that digital planning tools are in many instances best applied to ensure that minimum standards are met (such as through planning application validation or payment processes). However, digital planning tools can also help to optimise the assessment and consideration of planning applications and ultimately the decision making on these by local planning authorities and Scottish ministers.

ePlanning Scotland

ePlanning is a free to use online case management service that is managed by the Scottish Government in partnership with all Scottish local authorities. The portal allows planning applications to be prepared, saved, and submitted, in addition to notice of reviews, appeals and other permissions relevant under Scottish Planning law.

Documentation can be uploaded to the portal, in addition to a service providing location plans to be purchased and submitted alongside applications. Online payments can also be made through the planning portal.

The ePlanning portal allows all local authorities in Scotland to have the same baseline case management system for planning applications, providing simplicity to applicants and communities wishing to submit and view planning applications.

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The Uniform system is used to manage planning applications across Scotland. Uniform is supplied by a consultancy company called Idox.

Planning applications are entered through the Scottish Government eplanning portal and these applications are transferred to the Council’s Uniform System. The Uniform system can also record the payment of fees for processing planning applications, building warrants and a number of other services.

Some Scottish local authorities have been looking at ways to upgrade the current Uniform case management system. Midlothian Council looked into a move away from a traditional ‘on premise’ solution and consider the adoption of a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Idox, the Uniform system service provider, have also been looking into ways to develop this further. This is exemplified for example in so far as it is understood that South Thames Gateway Building Control have been looking into ways to maximise operational efficiency with Idox Cloud.

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