Virtual meetings


Applications like Switchboard can add another level to existing virtual meeting platforms. Commonly used virtual meeting platforms allow for talking and one-sided screen sharing which can be difficult for team wide contributions. Switchboard allows whole teams to be involved and engage in virtual meetings at the same time.

The key features of Switchboard include:

  • ā€˜Live video and meeting recording
  • Interactive, multiplayer browsers
  • A huge canvas to visually organize apps, documents, and files in one view
  • In-room whiteboards for brainstorming, ideation, and creative collaboration
  • Dedicated, persistent project and meeting rooms that save your work
  • In-room sticky notes, chat, polls, and surveys
  • No integrations needed: All browser-based apps work in Switchboard
  • AI to help with writing, brainstorming, and expediting other tasks.ā€™
  • Webinars
  • Webinars can allow large groups to engage in discussions online or through training events. These discussions and events can be interactive allowing for interactive polls and Q&A sessions to keep attendees engaged.

Below are some examples of how webinars have been used in town planning, and related disciplines to distribute information, updates and training digitally recently.

Design Midlands webinars

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