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FIFEplan – Interactive Maps

Interactive mapping, through ArcGIS, has been used in Fife Council. This resource is publicly available, allowing zooming in, out and planning around. Features can be toggled on and off to show limited information on the map related to an area or specific place of interest.

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Edinburgh City Council – GIS Atlas

Edinburgh City Council has a publicly available GIS Atlas which allows for Council wide datasets in one place to be added to the map relating to a wide area or a specific address. The GIS Atlas connects to a wider open spatial data portal available which allows for you to search for mapping datasets which can be viewed on an online map or a copy of the data to be downloaded.

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City of London – Interactive Mapping

The City of London has recently updated their interactive web mapping application. This is now mobile friendly and allows for use of a number of mapping tools to interrogate the data shown.

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OS Open Data – 3d mapping

The OS Data Hub has allowed for the production of 3d maps. This was trialled, by Alasdair Rae from the University of Sheffield, to create a 3d map of the Highlands of Scotland. The 3d map has used freely available data to create terrain mapping. To find out more about how this was undertaken, see

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