Tracking performance targets

Scottish planning authorities are required to publish annual Planning Performance Frameworks and these provide a basis against which the digitalisation of the Scottish planning system can be progressed. To assist this, and in advance of formal or more developed guidance on performance and case management, reporting and monitoring tools are identified below to assist users or decision makers.

Digital Dashboards

Dashboards can collect and display real-time data from sensors in a place. The dashboard portal can give decision-makers a real time sense of a place and how it changes. Dashboards are not a new concept but are evolving in the ways they are being used. Digital dashboards can be presented in a number of ways. Some dashboards are more stationary digitally showing existing data, some are more interactive and constantly changing where real-time data is incorporated. Below shows some examples of how these have been presented, within the built environment.

• Bristol Dashboard (based on 2021 One City Plan) –

• London City Dashboard (with real-time sensors) –

• Glasgow City Centre Recovery Dashboard –

• Australian City Cyclone Dashboard –

• Dublin and Cork Building City Dashboards Project –

• Amsterdam City Dashboards –

ESRI provides software to create dashboards ArcGIS Dashboards. ArcGIS Dashboards are part of the ArcGIS systems and can be used to help make decisions, visualise trends, monitor in real time, and inform communities.

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Miro Timelines

Miro has timeline templates which can be used to view past and future milestones in a simplistic way and with opportunity to create user/s own templates. Tags, lines, stickies and other tools can be used to assist in the visualisation of plans. Prioritising task and managing workloads can also been done through this tool, and there is an ability to link with other apps.