How to use the handbook

The purpose of the below is primarily to provide detail on digital planning tools for planners, however, this list is not exhaustive and some tools, applications and platforms referred to will also be relevant and useful to communities. Of specific note on the latter is emerging Local Place Plans, and the visual and digital emphasis in the preparation of these.

Some of the tools, applications and platforms referred to below will be transferable aspects of Development Management, Development Planning and Spatial Regional Planning. Many of the tools do not fit neatly into the headings used in this handbook and cross-cut many.

Some digital resources referred to may be helpful to communities in providing graphics and mapping in the preparation of Local Place Plans. These resources are all external to local authorities and are provided for reference purposes only. It is the responsibility of local authorities and local community groups to investigate the extent to which these resources are appropriate for use for their organisation.

A table has been provided in Appendix 2 to provide a quick reference guide to the tools, applications and platforms referred to and the user groups considered to be most likely to find these helpful.