Information on Digital Skills programme

Published in November 2020, ‘Transforming Places Together; Scotland’ Digital Strategy for Planning sets out the Scottish Government’s vision and five missions to deliver and digitally transformed planning system for Scotland.

Mission 3: Ways of working is aimed at creating the conditions for digital to flourish. It aims to fully integrate digital into the planning process and facilitate news ways of working. A partnership between the Scottish Government and RTPI Scotland has been established to support the development of high quality skills in planning.

The Digital Skills Handbook is intended to be a practical tool, highlighting opportunities to build up understanding and confidence in the use of digital throughout the planning system. Digital tools are now regularly being used to unlock the value planning data, to drive collaboration and to innovate with the introduction new technology and platforms. The handbook provides a ‘route-map’ through various stages of the planning system highlighting the ways in which digital can be deployed and skills enhanced. It also demonstrates how digital can support the wider programme of planning reform including the new style development plans and the introduction of NPF4. It sets out how and where digital skills can help to improve user experiences, processes and ultimately, outcomes for people and places.

To improve the useability of this handbook and recognising the excellent work already underway by local authorities, key agencies and other stakeholders across the Scottish Planning profession, relevant examples and case studies are provided.